Truly Integrating Artificial Intelli gence Throughout Your Global Enterprise

In 2018 Robotics Process Automation has quickly become a pre-requisite for any larger organization. Now the adoption and use of artificial intelligence is the new battleground for companies wanting to stay ahead of the pack and the opportunities that lie within it are endless. Whether you want to increase profits, streamline project management, or better serve your customer, AI can be employed in almost every area of your operations to create startling results. In a sphere where innovation must be continuous in order to stay competitive, this event looks at how to go beyond basic automation, and into the AI promised land.

AI Live Americas an online summit from the AIIA Network Is expected to draw over 1500 registrations. Free to attend, you can dial in from the comfort of your desk and listen to global AI experts live or ondemand. Together we will tackle a range of topics including; cognitive wins from the front lines, chatbots, AI at scale, Big Data vs. Dark Data, AI powered CX and the human to machine handover. New to this year, we will be looking into AI applications in both the front and back office, to enable you to explore the full 360 degrees of AI opportunities.

Key Themes:


Ryan Davis

Senior Vice President, Procurement ManagementBank of America

Pam Wolfe

Chief Enterprise Services DivisionNASA

Lisa Tuttle

CISOSPX Corporation

Max Just

Global Director - Business Integration and Program ManagementCoca-Cola

Tony Saldanha

Former VP Global Shared ServicesP&G

Justin Reilly

Former Head of CX InnovationVerizon

Cindy Gallagher

CEO, Liberty Source

Seth Adler

EditorAIIA Network

What to Expect from AI Live:

  • Access to cutting edge content and world class speakers from the comfort of your desk
  • On-Demand: Downloadable mp4 recordings of all presentations
  • Downloadable slides you can review again and again
  • Opportunity to meet cutting edge technology providers
  • Chat with attendees and presenters in our live networking sessions

Who is it For?:

  • Attendees of IQPC events that missed sessions or want to re-listen
  • AI professionals who weren’t able to attend our physical events due to time and budget
  • AI professionals who want to learn from EMEA market case studies
  • Solution providers looking to showcase their AI, Intelligent Automation, RPA or Machine Learning solutions and services

Who Should Attend?:

  • CIO’s and CDO’s
  • VP, Director, Head, Managers of:
    • Artificial Intelligent
    • Intelligent Automation
    • Machine Learning
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • Digital
    • Automation
    • Technology
    • Data Analytics
  • Providers of AI, Intelligent Automation and RPA Solutions and Services


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Chairman's Opening Remarks
What Alice In Wonderland Can Teach Us About Digital Transformation
harmeen mehta

Tony Saldanha

Former VP Global Shared Services, P&G


How IoT (Internet Of Things) Will Be Super-Charging Data Analytics For Enhanced Business Intelligence
harmeen mehta

Ryan Davis

Senior Vice President, Procurement Management, Bank of America

  • Enhanced customer delivery and business intelligence via the IoT (Internet of Things) and the powerful data analytics they provide
  • Examination of a variety of IoT technologies and their capabilities, costs, and implementation requirements
  • Various uses of IoT technologies and within a variety of functional disciplines
  • Regulations and compliance
Robotics to Digital: What’s Next After RPA?
harmeen mehta

Shankar Balasubramanian


What next after robotics? You have made an investment in RPA and are reaping transformational benefits out of it- but how do you sustain this transformation and grow it multifold. Join our webinar to explore:

  • Why RPA is not a stop gap arrangement but your stepping stone to being truly digital
  • How you can traverse the journey from being a Robotics Adopter to Digital Disruptor
  • Purposeful approaches to embrace other Automation technologies
  • Success stories of Robotics to Digital
IQ Bot: Cognitive Automation for the Next-Gen Business Processes

Using IQ Bot’s AI & ML capabilities to solve the dark data challenges and automate business processes end-to-end

Avi Bhagtani, Director of IQ BOT Product Marketing, Automation Anywhere

Chairman's Closing Remarks – End of Day One
Chairman's Opening Remarks
15:30 - 16:15
Driving And Operationalizing Employee Experience For An Automation-Oriented Enterprise
harmeen mehta

Max Just

Global Director - Business Integration and Program Management, Coca-Cola


Chairman's Closing Remarks – End of Day 2
Chairman's Opening Remarks
11:30 - 12:15
Your Current & Future Market: Discovering Your AI Enabled Enterprise
harmeen mehta

Justin Reilly

Former Head of CX Innovation, Verizon

12:30 - 13:15
Automation Goals
harmeen mehta

Cindy Gallagher

CEO, Liberty Source

14:40 - 15:15
Machines Are Friends Not Foes: Using Cognitive Computing to Enhance Cyber Security
harmeen mehta

Lisa Tuttle

CISO, SPX Corporation

Popular movies, books and television shows typically position advanced technology as a threat to humanity and all we hold dear. Yet Cognitive Computing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are helping CIOs and CISOs make better decisions faster. We will discuss how Cognitive Computing can help us navigate the acceleration of activity and decisions that we are experiencing on our Digital Transformation journeys.


  • New Cognitive Computing Technologies are the future of Cyber Security
  • Used properly, Cognitive Computing Technologies such as AI and ML enable us to better prioritize the decisions we must make and make those decisions more effectively
Chairman's Take-Away's End of Conference

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